About Connoisseur Creations, Inc.

Andrea Wasko:  President

Andrea was born in Sharon, PA.  She is best described as having “Midwestern manners and California drive”.  Andrea has over 30 years of leadership, consulting and innovation experience and has held executive positions in Business Development, Finance, Operations, Marketing, Manufacturing and Sales for a variety of companies including Eli Lilly and Guidant (Boston Scientific and Abbott Labs).  She received her MBA from Golden Gate University and her BS degree from Youngstown State University.  

She enjoys food and having struggled with weight issues, wanted to develop healthy food options to satiate people.  Woman of the Year was awarded to Andrea for her generous contributions to the success of over 100 for-profits and non-profits. This award was recognized by the San Luis Obispo County Commission on the Status of Women, California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, National Association of Commissions for Women, California Legislature Assembly and United States Congress.  

Meaghan Gilbert:

Meaghan was born in Hong Kong and spent many years in New Product Development with companies including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems and several others.  At Apple, she worked with Steve Jobs and was one of the original 100 Macintosh team members.  

Meaghan has over 30 years of strong leadership and innovation experience.  Her greatest strengths are in the areas of New Product Development, Program Management, Business Development, Manufacturing, Finance and Engineering.  As a former competitive swimmer, she was interested in healthy foods, has always enjoyed pickles and was excited about the Quick Pickle Kit and Connoisseur Creations, Inc. product offerings.  

Connoisseur Creations, Inc.

Connoisseur Creations, Inc. is a 100% women-owned corporation.  Meaghan and Andrea learned everything about the food industry through the school of hard knocks.  They completed all aspects including R&D, Product Development, Product Safety Testing, Packaging Design, Component Procurement, Manufacturing, Intellectual Property, Marketing, Advertising, Incorporation and Sales.  

In the late 1990s, after introducing several of their own products, Connoisseur Creations, Inc. added an International Food Brokerage and Development Division that successfully pioneered over 1000 products from 20 different countries into national and regional distribution. They initiated Private Label programs for retailers as well as developed and procured new products in order to meet customers’ needs.  Their firm offered Gourmet, Ethnic, Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Organic, Allergy-Free, Dietetic and Conventional food and non-food products to national retailers ranging from Whole Foods to 99 Cent Only stores.  They developed and managed a national sales staff of over 50 companies.

Today, they not only market their own products, but also pass along their knowledge as Consultants to assist food and non-food companies with all facets of Product, Service and Business Development.  Given the breadth and depth of their team’s experience, they are the silent collaborators behind several successful national and international companies.  They thrive on developing creative food and non-food products.  Solving problems or making life easier and more enjoyable for others is very rewarding for them.  At any time, they have 5-10 innovative market-ready products that are available for private label launch or to be licensed by another company.  Contact them for more information.

Connoisseur Creations, Inc. believes in GIVING BACK.  Nonprofits and schools can now use their Quick Pickle Kit and Spice Packets as a healthy FUNDRAISING TOOL.  In addition, your purchase on this website supports the important work of nonprofits.  They are also proud to have their products assembled by adults with disabilities.  Your purchase of their products provides jobs for disabled AND funds needed for nonprofits.  Contact them for more information about fundraising or submitting your nonprofit for consideration here.

Their approach to business includes creative ways to collaborate. Contact them for more information about collaborating.