Connoisseur Creations, Incis a 100% woman-owned business.  We began in 1996 and learned everything about the food industry through the school of hard knocks.  We completed all aspects including R&D, Product Development, Product Safety Testing, Packaging Design, Component Procurement, Manufacturing, Intellectual Property, Marketing, Advertising, Incorporation and Sales. 
In 1999, we added an international brokerage division that successfully pioneered over 1000 products from 20 different countries into national and regional distribution.  We initiated private label programs for national and regional retailers as well as developed and procured new products in order to meet customers’ needs.  Our firm offered Gourmet/Specialty, Ethnic, Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Certified, Allergy-Free, Dietetic and Conventional products to retailers ranging from Whole Foods to 99 cent only.  We developed and managed a national sales staff. 
Today, we not only market our own products, but also pass along our knowledge as consultants.  We develop and coordinate all facets of business development for our clients.  We are the silent collaborators behind several successful international food and non-food companies.