Quick Pickle Kit Beginnings 

Georgianna canned her first pickles in Pennsylvania in 1950.  She learned traditional canning methods passed down from her grandmother and mother.  After several days dedicated to pickling, the jars would be filled and placed on the cellar shelves.  The waiting process would begin.  Months later, the pickles would be ready to enjoy.

As time went by, Georgianna had children of her own and found the traditional pickling techniques too time consuming for a busy mother and full-time nurse.

It was no coincidence that her daughter, Andrea, grew up loving home-canned pickles.  Once she made her home California, Andrea looked forward to the pickled gifts her mother sent on holidays.  However, her busy lifestyle rarely allowed her to devote days to her own canning.

Determined to continue the family pickling tradition, Andrea and Georgianna developed a process that yielded the same, award-winning pickles in a fraction of the time and with a minimum of effort.

Georgianna and Andrea are pleased to share their Quick Pickle process and timeless recipes with you.  The process is not only easy, it's safe.  Independent laboratories, approved by both the USDA and FDA, have rigorously tested our innovative pickling method.  They’re sure your family will enjoy them as much as theirs have over the years.  They’d love to hear from you.

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Happy Quick Pickling!